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2018 メイプル便り 29~38


★バックナンバー 2018メイプル便り 1~1314~28

On June,18

Ms. Habuchi took us to a Royal B.C. Museum because we don't have any final exams. So she said to us to make a plan and then we would go somewhere that has a lot of nature or some great place ! That was so much fun and it was a really great place. It has a lot of history about B.C. It was really interesting . There were some stories about each generation. It looked really cool, and it looked like Disney world. I took a lot of pictures there.
On June,19

At first I went to a Craigdarroch Castle. It was really beautiful and great. I thought it would be damaged if we had a earthquake. We didn't go inside we just looked around the castle, but it was enough to feel the mood and history. And then, we went to the Government House ,but it was under renovation. So we couldn't go inside. Then we went to the garden around the government house. There were a lot of flowers cared for by volunteers. It was absolutely amazing and beautiful. And then we went to the inner harbor to have lunch. There were many fish floating in the ocean. I ate fish & chips.

It was so good the chips were really crispy and the fish was really juicy and tender. And I ate cherry flavored ice cream. It was so so so good. There were some houses floating in the ocean. They were colorful and really beautiful. And then we went to Oak bay to meet and feed seals. They were so cute and really good to catch the fish with their mouth. Then we went to a beach. And I took a lot of pictures at there.

I enjoyed these two days it was like a school trip. I'm so so so happy that I could see a lot of beautiful things and be near nature.

We only have just few days to rest at this house, and my roommate is going to leave here tomorrow. I'm so sad because I love Barton House and my roommate so so so much. I wish I could stay here for a few more days. But I'm also excited to have home stay, because I won't use any Japanese. We will have home stay soon, I hope my host families are looking forward to meeting me.
Mio Ishibashi

6月23日土曜日にClosing Ceremoniesがありました。Closing CeremoniesはGreade 12の生徒の卒業式で、学校では行わずUVICで行いました。日本とは違い卒業生は制服ではなく、白いドレスやタキシード、着物を着ていました。最初に卒業生が階段から降りてくる姿がとてもかっこよくて感動しました。そして、1人1人名前が呼ばれ、その子についてのことが話され、卒業証書をもらっていました。それが終わると表彰などもありました。
学校も終わり、夏休みに入りました。一昨日からSummer Schoolに参加しない生徒は帰国しはじめました。卒業式だけでなく、寮でもお別れがあり、とても悲しいです。私の仲良しの子も帰ってしまったり、ルームメイトも中国へと帰ってしまいました。
6月24日日曜日に、愛さん会があり映画を見に行ってきました。私達が観た映画は『Incredible 2』というディズニー映画です。私はディズニー映画が好きで観にいくのがとても楽しみでした。しかし、英語で観るとなると映画の内容をしっかり理解することができるのか不安でした。でも、観てみると思っていたよりも簡単な単語が多く、聞き取りやすい英語でした。
日本と違うところは映画館の広さと映画館の椅子です。 私たちが行った映画館の椅子はボタンで後ろへ倒すことができたり、足の部分が伸びたりと、ゆったりとして映画を観ることができました。ここでも、日本とまた違った体験をし、英語を学べたのでよかったです。!

明日からSummer Schoolが始まります。Summer Schoolは英語中心の授業なので、これまでの2ヶ月で学んだことを生かしながら頑張っていきたいです!そして、午後のActvityも毎日異なるので楽しみたいです。
堂園 優華
今日は、一日中Activity で、3時間バスに乗って Parksvill と Coombs に行きました。Coombs では、沢山のヤギが見られるのですが、どこで見られるかと言うと、お店の屋根の上なんです!
屋根の上にたくさんのヤギがいて、とてもびっくりしました。 他にも多くの石でできた銅像などがあり、写真を撮って思い出に残すことができました。そしてParksvillでは、綺麗な水の海が見る事が出来ました。とても寒く、水も冷たかったのですが、どちらも楽しい想い出になりました。


今日はサマースクールのアクティビティで、Fisherman's Wharfにいきました。ここにあるお店やお家はとてもカラフルで、全部海の上に立っていてとてもおもしろいです。

Monday, we started summer school. We are going to learn English in the morning and in the afternoon we are going to do an activity. My teacher explained about the English lesson, after we borrowed some books in the library, and we have “silent reading time”. We have to read the book during this time. I borrowed a book about Anne Frank from the library. In the afternoon, we played volleyball downtown. I didn’t know that place. We had a great time ! I made a new friend during that time. She comes from China. I want to talk with her more.
Today, we started our home stay. I was so nervous because I have never done a home stay before. But I think my nervousness is good. My house is very close to SMS. My host family is so nice. There are two children, one is seven and other is three. They are so charming. They gave me a cute Canada T-shirt. I was surprised. When I join Canada day, I will wear the T-shirt. I can’t wait!

Shizuna Matsushita
This weekend I went to a Korean restaurant in downtown. Downtown has a lot of restaurants so we can enjoy food from other countries. Of course there are Japanese food restaurants. I enjoyed Korean noodles because l saw my friends from Korea were eating noodles in my commonroom. manytimes. lt smelled good so I decided to try. lt was tasty. l liked it. lt is like ANKAKE noodle.
l think most Japanese people would like it.
My host mother from India said it is good so Indian people probably like it, too.

Ogiso Rina

Last Wednesday in my dormitory, we had a house party. We were able to eat ice cream, that was fresh out of the oven a chocolate cakes and snacks. A day after that, it is my roommate's birthday, so we sang birthday songs. I gave her Japanese sweets because I often see that she eats Japanese snacks and sweets. She had gone to my school last year. I was glad that she liked it.
My home room class members are drawing and coloring these days. I enjoy thinking about patterns and colors.
This Saturday, we had a service day. I joined the beach clean up. It was a little harder than I thought because there was a lot of trash, such as cigarette ends, plastic bags … I again realized we shouldn't litter. In the afternoon I went to the shopping mall with my friend. I bought some snacks and some clothes. These days I'm getting better at talking to clerks.
All students are busy for the final exams. Maple students don't need to take a test in all subjects. However, We need to take some tests. Last Friday, we did a science test. It was very difficult ! It's been two months today since we came to Canada. It's almost time to finish dorm life. I want to make each day count.

Shizuna Matsushita

Thursday, May, 17

Period 1

Two days ago, we went to Beacon Hill Park and took pictures. For example, pictures of flowers, sunlight and peacocks. We were surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature, it has become my favorite place in Canada!
Period 3

We had the Spring Concert last Tuesday. Nowadays we practice Fly Away Home to prepare for the Closing Ceremony. Also, we sang candy man as an etude. It makes me feel good to sing, we should all sing songs when we have a moment!

Period 4

Today, we watched a movie. The title of the movie is "The Parent Trap".Last English class, we watched the same movie, but it was a remake of tbe original. We tried to find differences between those two movies. It was hard, but we can become more proficient in English this way.

Period 5 (Homeroom)

In my homeroom, we all took a picture holding the same pose as characters from Love Live ! Do you know what that is? It's a popular Japanese anime. My friend, Paulette, loves anime. I was happy to hear that. I want to teach her more Japanese culture !
After school

I hung out with my friend after school today. she took us to a Japanese restaurant. We ate noodles (rahmen), fried rice (chahhan ) and gyohza. It was delicious. We talked about a lot of things. She is Chinese girl, so we taught each other words from our native languages.
I had a really great time . I'll study English harder so that I'll be able to enjoy talking with my friends more.
Sayaka Shinjo


今Summer Schoolでは短いドラマを作っています。台本から作成してコスチュームを決めたり、撮影をしたりしています。私達は今日で撮影まで終わり、次はそのビデオの編集を行っています。パソコンを使うのが慣れていないので、編集はとても難しいですが、自分達にとって最高のものができたらいいな、と思っています!

このSummer Schoolでは日本人とも英語でしか話してはいけません。日本語を少しでも話すと、先生がすぐに来て英語を話そう!と言います。というわけで、日本人との会話も英語でしています。 英語に長く触れ合ってられるので成長できる良い機会だと思いますが、少し大変な部分もあります。今よりももっと英語がスラスラ言えるように頑張っていきたいと思います。

その後は自由時間で、私達は海のそばまでいきました。海がとても青く綺麗でした。そして、みんなでアイスを食べました。日本にはない海外ならではの味がたくさんあり、私はBirthday Cake という味を注文しました。バニラに似ているけど、それよりも少し甘く、私好みの味でとても美味しかったです!まだまだ大変なことはありますが、残りを無駄にしないように頑張り、そして楽しんでいきたいです。

Wednesday, July 25

Everyday, the sun is shining, and it's too hot for me. Because I live far from our school, it takes 45 minutes to get there. I have to take two buses. Although, it's hard for me, I can see many great things which I can't find in my home city in Japan. One morning, for example, I saw a family of deer, baby rabbits, Canadian geese in Elk Lake, and a blue sky. I love all of them. That's why I enjoy my homestay very much.
Today's English class was difficult. We studied ‘Relative clauses’ in which we use the words: where, when, who and that. This part of English grammar is hard because it has many rules, which we have to remember and use. After we learned the lesson, we had a writing project in which we tried writing, using relative clauses in our stories. I like this project because I can make an interesting story by myself, but it is difficult to type the story with a laptop. Because Maple Girls don't own laptops, we are not used to typing. Actually, regular students in this school have laptops and use them in each class. I think it is good to be able to type for our future occupations.
Once we went downtown to play ‘Laser Tag‘. Do you know what that is ? It is a great game for a couple of friends. It is easy to learn the basics, of the game but to truly dominate at this fast-paced shooting game it takes practice and strategy. Nobody had played before, so the first time was very crazy! Amusingly, I got negative scores. This activity was one of the best memories of all.
Often after school, I went to downtown with my friend, a Chinese girl. We became best friends during summer school. She will be an SMS student next year, and I will be back in Japan, so we will not be able to study together in school. However, we will be friends forever, I hope! She told me about a nice Korean restaurant, and we ate chicken and French fries. It was really delicious. We talked about many things for about two hours. We enjoyed talking in English. It is not easy to use an other country's language, but I think trying to speak without being shy is important.

Sadly, we have only two weeks left to stay in Canada. I'm getting many unforgettable experiences through my classes, residence, summer school and homestay. I will keep on striving towards mastering English after I go back to Japan.

Shinjo Sayaka

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